Introducing Broker (IB)

What Is an Introducing Broker (IB)?

Introducing brokers are independent persons who interact with clients in the futures and options markets. These independent persons delegate the execution of their trades to another futures commission merchant and receive a commission for doing so.

Simply put, Introducing Brokers are the bridge between the client and the futures commission merchant.

How does introducing brokers programme work?

Introducing brokers refer clients to DexInvesting and receive compensation for their trades. The IB system offers an attractive and flexible rebates strategy. IBs earn rewards for expanding their network and guiding clients through the foreign currency markets. The higher the trading volume of the clients, the higher the rebates!

Benefits of Being a Dex Introducing Broker?

As a Dex IB you will enjoy a competitive and customisable rebate programme, be able to monitor rebates and account activity via the IB Panel, and receive rebates for each transaction per customer.

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